Robin Campbell’s time at Summify

Robin Campbell gives us his take on his tenure at the startup, Summify, now acquired by Twitter.

Calm down. Control the things you can, and let go of what you can’t. Stress solves nothing, and it’s rather excellent at creating more problems. Last time I checked, chaos included enough problems, so do give yourself a little break here.

Journalism in the Valley

A rather different tact here. Dan Lyons provides us with his opinion on the so-called “cesspool” of technology journalism in the valley.

Now Arrington and Siegler have appointed themselves the watchdogs of tech journalism, eager to point out the irresponsible and inaccurate reporting that they see all around them. This might ring a little less hollow if they hadn’t been such egregious violators themselves, and if they weren’t writing this stuff to protect the people they’re in bed with financially.

One can only wonder at what possible rebukes will be fired Lyons way. But his piece has certainly provided much food for thought on the intricate play between journalist and impartiality.