Telstra unveils NBN plans

An opinion piece by Renai LeMay over at Delimiter on Telstra’s unveiling of their new NBN plans. Fair to say, it’s hard too see potential customers signing up for these plans, which Telstra is forcing consumers to require a bundled fixed copper line for voice services.

Read that sentence again and take it in: All Telstra voice services over the NBN will initially require a bundled copper telephone line.

Startups & Buy-outs

A few years old now, but here’s a quick piece via the 37signals svn blog on the ever increasing number of startups cropping up in the market, re-inventing the wheel so to speak, only to be bought out by bigger name players of the ‘last generation’.

They were everything their main competitor, Intuit, was not. While Mint was inventing, Intuit was out of it. People used Quickbooks/Quicken out of habit and legacy. People used Mint because they loved it. Intuit was disgruntled, Mint was disruptive.

Pinterest – an e-commerce player?

Via Nik Cubrilovic’s blog. How Facebook is struggling to keep and maintain a foothold with its e-commerce partners.

The advantage that Pinterest and other vertical social networks have is that they are designed for one particular use case rather than having to accomodate them all. The growth in Facebook features means more and more links on the frontpage and an ever confusing interface for users where commerce and commercial advertising are mixed with personal notes and baby pictures.

Peter Roebuck – From Philanthropist to troubled times

A look into the life of Peter Roebuck, who took his own life following accusations from students in Zimbabwe of repeated sexual assault and beatings. Adam Shand, writing for Fairfax media, provides a thorough investigation on the troubling circumstances which led to Roebuck’s death.

Beneath the jovial veneer of Peter Roebuck, the cricket writer, philanthropist, coach and mentor, there lived a dark secret that only his African “family” knew.

Apps to require users’ permission for access to address books

From AllThingsD. Apple to require developers to explicitly request users’ access to their address book. By John Paczkowski.

“Apps that collect or transmit a user’s contact data without their prior permission are in violation of our guidelines*,” Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr told AllThingsD. “We’re working to make this even better for our customers, and as we have done with location services, any app wishing to access contact data will require explicit user approval in a future software release.”

Piezo development

From Rogue Amoeba. Christa Mrgan runs through the creation process of their new audio recording app, Piezo.

We wanted the app to be obvious, convenient and fun. I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to have analog VU meters with bouncing needles, a clearly-labeled source selector, and a big, friendly record button. I also knew I did not want multiple buttons for simple recording options. A binary system was far preferable to the unnecessarily complicated array of options you see in, say, elevators in two-story buildings1.

Learn Ruby & Rails

A run-through on the best practices to become well versed in both the Ruby and Rails languages. Via astonj.

Of course – whatever works best for you. But if you don’t have a crystal ball, and if you’re anything like me where you’d just like someone to come out and say, “Look, do this, this and this – then this, this and this, and you’ll be well on your way!” then you’ve come to the right place.

Future of reading

Steven Johnson provides his thoughts on how reading in the digital age will continue to change with new methods and link sharing.

But it’s not the classical web surfing, where you just click on one link after another; it’s more staggered that that, and it often involves social media. So someone will link to an interesting article on Twitter, and I’ll go read it, and it’ll mention some musician I’ve never heard of, so I’ll Google his name, and read the Wikipedia entry, which will send me to a Pitchfork article, which will send me off to a new Google query about some sub-genre of music I’ve never heard of, which will lead me to a book I download for Kindle. Repeat, ad nauseum.